Good Luck Quotes: How Do You Wish Good Luck?

Good Luck Wishes, Best Of Luck Quotes

Do it with your friend, relative or someone who has a lot in your life, who is going for examination, interview or something useful. So what are you doing for him? Nothing, no, it can’t happen, you must be looking for stuff to wish them. So here we are with the latest collection of Good Luck Wishes, Good Luck Quotes. These best luck wishes will give them confidence and boost their energy to knock out everything that comes in between their goals.

Although words cannot do anything alone, the Best of Luck wishes can give someone immense power and strength that whatever the circumstances may come and go, one will continue until it reaches the destination. So wish every important person who was a part of your life / good luck with these unique all the best wishes.

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Good Luck for Success

Everyone needs a little bit of luck from time to time. When your intelligence meets luck, you will become more than a human being. Can’t wait to see it. Good luck, buddy!

Can you say that you are a lucky person? What is luck? So many questions, yet no answers to be found. But I know that luck is always a good thing, therefore I wish you the best of it. Keep your head up.

Luck is Karma’s youngest daughter. What you do now will eventually come back to you in a form of fortunate or unfortunate events. That’s what you call luck, right? Be kind to everyone around you, and luck will always be with you.

Good Luck Quotes
Good Luck Quotes

Don’t depend on luck. Use your brain to cope with every difficulty in your life, and you will see that something you call luck has always been inside of you. 

Don’t pray for Easy Lives Pray to Be a Strong Men! Don’t Pray for Task Equal to your Powers! Pray for Power Equal to your Tasks! BEST OF LUCK.

Life never seems to be the way we want it, but we live it in the best way we can. There is no perfect life but we can fill it with perfect moments.

Good Luck Quotes
Good Luck Quotes

Good Luck for the Day, May Success come your Way, May your Day Be Full of Fun, May You Impress Everyone.

Always remember that even when your luck runs out, your skills and experience will always bail you out.

Courage And Determination Can Pass Even The Steepest Of The Mountains And Deepest Of The Oceans. Know Your Strengths And Ward Off Your Weaknesses. Raise Above All Odds And Work Hard For A Better Future. Good Luck

There is always sunrise after every sunset I wish successful sunrise for you Best of Luck.

Good Luck Quotes
Good Luck Quotes

Good Luck for Success

To accomplish great things, We must not only act, But also dream, Not only plan but also believe, Best wishes for your exam.

Every human needs a little bit of luck to call it magic. Passed the hardest exam in the world? Magic. Cut some onions without bawling your eyes out? Absolute magic. Everything is possible if you believe in it. 

Being lucky means trusting yourself. Listen to your heart, and every minute of your life will be the luckiest and happiest minute. I hope that luck will always accompany you on a journey called life. 

Good Luck Quotes
Good Luck Quotes

Good luck! Life is full of difficulties and different barriers, but you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself. Luck is just a nice complement to your amazing strong spirit. Keep your head up!

Feeling extra lucky today, so I decided to share some of my luck with you. Use it wisely and never forget that believing in something makes it real. It’s always up to you, bud. Don’t waste your power. 

My success was due to good luck, hard work, and support and advice from friends and mentors. But most importantly, it depended on me to keep trying after I had failed.

Mark Warner
Good Luck Quotes
Good Luck Quotes

Inspiration is one thing and you can’t control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving. Good luck means, work hard. Keep up the good work.

Kevin Eubanks

A great man’s greatest good luck is to die at the right time.

Eric Hoffer

The people have spoken. Their decision is sovereign. We all respect it… I wish good luck to those who will now govern France.

Alain Juppe
Good Luck Quotes
Good Luck Quotes

Good Luck Quotes for Future

Live with no excuses and Love with no regrets. When life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have a 1000 reasons to Smile. Good Luck!

Channing Pollock

I now believe that there’s only a certain amount of good luck in the world, and so if something good happens to me, that means something bad has to happen to somebody, somewhere.

Marshall Brickman

Luck is a goddess not to be coerced and forcibly wooed by those who seek her favors. From such masterful spirits she turns away. But it happens sometimes that, if we put our hand in hers with the humble trust of a little child, she will have pity on us, and not fail us in our hour of need.

– P.G. Wodehouse

Luck is what we make it, not what is thrust upon us. You’ve shown initiative and it has nothing to do with luck

– George Bellairs
Good Luck Quotes
Good Luck Quotes

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Beware what you wish for, unless you have the grace to hope that your luck can be shared

– Christopher Hitchens

Not many people have had as much bad luck as I have, but not many people have had as much good luck, either.

– Tig Notaro

Luck is yours, wishes are mine. Let your future be always shine. Best of Luck

– Mark Warner

Luck is great, but most of life is hard work.

– Iain Duncan Smith
Good Luck Quotes
Good Luck Quotes

The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act.

– Barbara Sher

We are all a great deal luckier that we realize, we usually get what we want – or near enough.

– Roald Dahl

Concentration attracts luck factor.

– Amit Ray

Luck has nothing to do with it, because I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come.

– Serena Williams

I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it

– Thomas Jefferson

You don’t get lucky while sitting in the sofa with arms crossed doing nothing. You can be lucky only when you are prepared.

– Nesta Jojoe Erskine

People say they don’t believe in luck: luck is the reason the dinosaurs got wiped out and why human beings became the new dominant species on this planet.

– Stewart Stafford

The universe works in crazy ways. Your good luck will come in waves, and so does your bad, so you have to take the good with the bad and press forward.

– Nick Cummins

Final Word:

Best wishes to everyone on their efforts. We have good luck wishes that will help you express how you feel about them as you move towards a new chapter in their lives. Tell them your mind and care for them with the right words and expressions of good luck such as these good luck quotes to touch their heart and soul.

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